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Dirty Talk

A little dirty talk can always be sexy. But when you’re 19 and someone is cursing you out, it may be a little scary.

St Patty’s day was full of green beer and drunken mistakes. I was working as a server in Times Square. Yes, its everything you can imagine and much, much worse.

After work a bunch of the severs went to our local pub to drink, celebrate, and catch up with our friends who had been drinking all day. One drink led to another and the next thing I know my friend/coworker James is asking if I want to take a cab back to Brooklyn with him (I live in queens). James is not a bad looking guy. He’s 6’2, scruffy face, 24 at the time and definitely acts likes an ass. We end up in a cab making out and heading to Brooklyn.

I feel like when some guys know you’re a virgin they’re either really sweet, don’t want to touch you, and be very gentle or they just want to throw you around and be the ones to change you. I will openly admit that there is nothing I love more then being thrown around. Frankly I can’t get off on someone being really sensual. (Horny virgin, I know). This is probably why I can’t date smaller men, they are  too small to throw me. Besides who really wants to be intimate with someone who can’t even get on all the big rides. Let alone your ride.

But at 19 and only having a few encounters with men I didn’t know what to expect. Can’t you just go home with someone to kiss a little and cuddle? I guess not. In this 24 year olds room was a big blow up air mattress and a Haley Joel Osment barbie… I’m judging. It all gets worse when things are heating up and he starts cursing at me. Every other word out of his mouth is fuck. ” I wanna F*cking F*ck you. Your F*cking p*ssy is so F*cking tight.” What? All I wanted to do was cry. I never thought I would ever have a man curse at me like this.

I finally got up the courage to tell him to stop cursing at me. Finally it felt like the world stopped moving. He stared me down and with a drunken slur said, “You don’t curse?” To which I replied, “I do curse, But this is a lot.” I don’t remember if the cursing stopped after that but not too long after, James rolled over and fell asleep. I don’t even think he cuddled with me, which was sad.

That morning I woke up freezing and the only blankets he had on this fucking air mattress was a sheet in mid March. What is this kid on welfare or something?

I had to get out of there. James woke up still drunk and wanted to play some more. I lied and told him I had to get to class so I could get out for there. He didn’t even walk me to the door or leave his bed. What a tool.

Now keep in mind this all happened on a Tuesday and by Thursday I had an awful strep throat. There was puss and it was swollen. Did this fucking Haley Joel Osment lover give me an STD?? WHAT? I made an appointed to see a doctor. Can you imaging being a virgin and having a STD? That would suck. Not only would you have to tell them that you still have your fucking V card but that you have an STD. 

Luckily it was just a sore throat. I could blame it on a dirty dick… but I’m pretty sure it was the window open and James only having a sheet on his bed. We still remained friends and made jokes about it at work and people made fun of him for cursing at me. I did find out recently from a girl he later dated that he never talked dirty to her. I guess I always leave an impression. 

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