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I understand that Facebook is taking over the world. I know when I first meet a guy I stalk him on Facebook, maybe I’ll like some of his pictures and a status or two.

And you know what I really don’t trust? A man who doesn’t have a facebook profile. What are you trying to hide?

But yes, flirting on facebook has always been kind of a medium in which to communicate. But what the fuck is up with poking???

 Yes I am really writing a blog about facebook poking. Just because I don’t get it. Each time I get poked I feel like it just adds more confusion to my life. I understand it means nothing and its kind of like a “Hey I was thinking about you!”, or a “Hey I’m being annoying!”. I just can’t help that every time I get poked I just laugh and roll my eyes. But, honestly, the worst is once you get into the fucking wars!

A poking war is when you both just keep poking each other back and forth until one person stops. They are the worst. I fucking hate them but I never want to be the first to stop because it becomes the only connection I have with the person I’m poking. This then makes things even more pathetic then I originally thought. I understand its always cute at first but, if in the end, you’re not going to see the person or even send a fucking text then what’s the point?

Then one day of out of the blue it just ends. The poking war is over. Just like that and the world is back to how it should be. And you are still alone just looking at peoples status updates and pictures. 

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